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The International Foundation fo Electoral Systems

IFES Ukraine Election Bulletin #88 (June 22 – July 5, 2019)

Preparing for Parliamentary Elections. According to its website, the CEC has so far registered 5,978 candidates to participate in the early Verkhovna Rada elections later this month. The newspaper Holos Ukrayiny published the party lists of candidates representing 22 political parties contesting the nationwide constituency through a closed list proportional system where citizens vote for political parties. The candidates […]

IFES Ukraine Election Bulletin #87 (June 8 – June 21, 2019)

Constitutional Court Delivers Decision on Constitutionality of President’s Decree Dissolving Verkhovna Rada. Early Parliamentary Elections Set for July 21. On June 20, the Constitutional Court ruled the Presidential decree calling for early parliamentary elections to be constitutional. Preparations for the Verkhovna Rada vote next month will continue. The long-awaited decision is the result of a petition filed by […]

IFES Ukraine Election Bulletin #86 (May 25 – June 7, 2019)

CEC Establishes DECs for Parliamentary Elections. On May 31, the Central Election Commission (CEC) established 199 District Election Commissions (DECs) to administer the July 21 Verkhovna Rada elections. On June 5, Civil Network OPORA released an analysis of the DEC formation after the CEC formed the commissions based on proposals from political parties. Parties with a parliamentary faction in the […]

IFES Ukraine Election Bulletin #85 (May 11 – May 24, 2019)

President Zelenskyi Dissolves Verkhovna Rada and Calls Early Parliamentary Election for July 21. On May 21, President Volodymyr Zelenskyi by decree dissolved the Verkhovna Rada and called snap parliamentary elections on July 21. His decree 303/2019 was triggered by the alleged expiry of the one-month deadline for forming a new coalition in the parliament after termination of the previous. […]

IFES Ukraine Election Bulletin #84 (April 25 – May 10, 2019)

Central Election Commission Announces Presidential Election Result. On April 30, the Central Election Commission (CEC) announced the final result of the 2019 presidential election and declared Volodymyr Zelenskyi of the Servant of the People party the winner with 73.22 percent of the vote cast in the second round on April 21. Incumbent President Petro Poroshenko received 24.45 percent […]

IFES Ukraine Election Bulletin #83 (April 11 – April 24, 2019)

CEC Reports Preliminary Second-Round Election Results. On April 23, the Central Election Commission (CEC) announced it processed 100 percent of presidential election result protocols received electronically from District Election Commissions (DECs). According to Ukrainian law, the CEC must receive DEC tabulation protocols in hard copy as well as review any complaints and decisions before it can announce the […]

IFES Ukraine Election Bulletin #82 (March 28 – April 10, 2019)

CEC Reports First-Round Election Results. On April 7, the Central Election Commission (CEC) reported final results of the March 31 presidential election and announced a second round of voting between the top two finishers – Volodymyr Zelenskyi and President Petro Poroshenko – on April 21.  The results confirmed a preliminary CEC tally on April 4 following electronic transfer […]

IFES Ukraine Election Bulletin #81 (March 14 – March 27, 2019)

Latest Opinion Polls Ahead of 2019 Presidential Election. According to an opinion poll published by the Rating Sociology Group on March 19, comedian Volodymyr Zelenskyi is the frontrunner in the Ukraine presidential contest with 24.9 per cent of support from likely voters.  Former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko and incumbent President Petro Poroshenko are in a statistical tie […]

IFES Ukraine Election Bulletin #80 (February 28 – March 13, 2019)

CEC approves the form and text of the election ballot paper. On March 8, the Central Election Commission (CEC) approved the form and text of the ballot paper for the March 31 presidential election. By the March 7 deadline for withdrawal, five presidential candidates had withdrawn their candidacy and asked their respective supporters to vote for another candidate: […]

IFES Ukraine Election Bulletin #79 (February 14 – February 27, 2019)

2019 Presidential Election Update On February 18, the Central Election Commission (CEC) formed 199 District Election Commissions (DECs) for the March 31 presidential election, which is one DEC more than in the last election in 2014.  In addition, by Resolution Number 331, the CEC appointed DEC chairs, deputy chairs and secretaries. As referenced in the […]