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The International Foundation fo Electoral Systems

Comments And Analyses

Comments And Analyses



Campaign finance
during the 2019 presidential election:
An assessment

IFES Ukraine Statement:
Call on political parties to run more women in the
parliamentary election

Overcrowded Election Commissions:
Risks and Mitigation Actions

IFES Opinion on Methodology for Determining Value of InKind Donations to Political Parties

Elections in Ukraine. 2019 Presidential Election
Run-Off: Frequently Asked Questions

Elections in Ukraine. 2019 Presidential Election:
Frequently Asked Questions


Gender Analysis of Electoral Draft Laws

Electoral System Reform in Ukraine

Statement on 2018 Election System Week in Ukraine

IFES Opinion: New Draft Political Party Financial
Reporting Form

IFES Opinion: Anti-Corruption Strategy
for 2018-2020

Statement on Outcomes of IFES’ Cybersecurity Week and Assessment 

Legal Reform Priorities for Elections, Referendums
and Political Finance

IFES Comment on Possible Dissolution of the
Verkhovna Rada and Timelines for Snap
Parliamentary Elections

Roadmap of Reform for the Central Election