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Conference on “2019 Presidential and Parliamentary Elections: Lessons Learned and Recommendations”

On November 13-14, IFES, in cooperation with the Сentral Election Commission (CEC), Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) Project Coordinator in Ukraine and the Council of Europe Office in Ukraine, organized a national conference “2019 Presidential and Parliamentary Elections: Lessons Learned and Recommendations”.

The event provided a platform for national and international electoral stakeholders to engage in an open and constructive dialogue about the shortcomings and successes of the 2019 Presidential and Parliamentary elections as well as to discuss recommendations for the further improvement of the electoral process and environment. The participants of the event included representatives of election commissions from all levels, State Register of Voters (SRV), government, political parties, civil society, international organizations and media.


IFES Ukraine Deputy Country Director, George Kobakhidze, recognized the dedication and hard work of all stakeholders who had been part of the elections in 2019 and highlighted that this conference would provide an opportunity to consider and reach consensus on key recommendations that will further inform electoral stakeholders and lawmakers with an eye to future elections.

“No doubt there is still much critical work ahead in order to safeguard and build on progress to date. This includes and goes beyond strengthening electoral justice and the regulation of money in politics, as well as advancing comprehensive electoral reform in line with international standards. Reform that promotes equal opportunities to the ballot and to elected office for all Ukrainians”, said Kobakhidze during the conference.

Based on observer reports and assessments of the election process in 2019, several important areas for discussion were identified. Participants at the conference then broke into groups to discuss and compile in-depth recommendations that could address these weaknesses in the future. These groups included:

  • Election Administration;
  • Voter Registration;
  • Pre-election Campaigning by Parties, Candidates; Political Finance; Pre-Election Campaigning;
  • Election Observation;
  • Voting, Vote Counting and Tabulation;
  • Inclusion and Accessibility;
  • Cybersecurity and Disinformation in Elections;
  • Election Dispute Resolution and Electoral Violations.

The recommendations developed within the conference will be consolidated and shared by IFES.

The “2019 Presidential and Parliamentary Elections: Lessons Learned and Recommendations” conference is part of IFES’ broader efforts to support the CEC in safeguarding Ukraine’s electoral democracy and implementing critical electoral reform based on good practice and international standards.