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IFES and OPORA’s joint position paper on priorities for electoral legal reform

The 2019 presidential and early parliamentary elections represent important milestones for consolidating democracy in Ukraine. Election observers and stakeholders noted significant improvements, including better preparedness to combat cyberattacks on key election infrastructure, a competitive campaign environment respecting fundamental freedoms and fewer instances of voter fraud. In particular, election day was assessed positively in both elections, and violations observed did not have a systematic character.

However, significant flaws in the electoral framework remain that could potentially hamper the country’s democratic progress. To address these flaws, IFES and Civil Network OPORA prepared a joint analytical paper titled “Legal Reform Priorities for Elections, Referendums and Political Finance” highlighting and summarizing recommendations for improving Ukraine’s electoral framework.

The paper acknowledges that the Election Code adopted on July 11, which now awaits the signature of the President, marks significant steps forward, but also that there is still room for important improvements. Among other recommendations, urgent action is needed to improve the legal framework for local elections expected in October 2020 in order to bring it in line with international standards and best practices.

The primary audience of this paper are the newly-elected lawmakers; however, it may be of interest for all national and international electoral stakeholders