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IFES Comment on Draft Law 1029 “On amending certain legislative acts of Ukraine to guarantee effectiveness of the institutional mechanism of corruption prevention”

IFES Ukraine would like to share with you a comment on Draft Law 1029 submitted by President Zelenskyy and registered in the Parliament on August 29 to reboot the National Agency for Prevention of Corruption (NAPC).

The Draft Law aims to lay the ground for renewal of the leadership of the NAPC and strengthen its effectiveness, accountability and impartiality. IFES welcomes the efforts to make the NAPC more efficient as well as international participation in the selection of the NAPC leadership. However, IFES also cautions that the envisaged timetable for the reboot of NAPC may be too short. More time may be needed to identify international experts for membership of the selection committee.

The Draft Law also proposes significant changes to the system of public funding for political parties. No rationale for these amendments is provided – they suggest cutting the overall amount of public funding to parties by 50 percent and raising the threshold for eligibility of funding for parties from two percent of the vote in the most recent parliamentary elections to five percent. In the opinion of IFES, this is a setback, as it could weaken the overall competitiveness of Ukraine’s party system and skew the playing field in favor of established and relatively richer parties.

Given that the reboot of NAPC is a stated priority of the new President, it can be expected that the draft law will be tabled in the Parliament soon, and may be already discussed in Parliament this week.