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IFES Ukraine

The International Foundation for Electoral Systems

CEC and IFES provide trainings on electoral procedures for members of district and precinct election commissions

Between June 20 and June 27, 2019, IFES in cooperation with the Central Election Commission (CEC) and the joint IFES-CEC Administrative Center for Training of Election Process Participants (Training Center) organized 106 regional training sessions across Ukraine for 2013 (777 men; 1242 women) District Election Commission (DEC) members. Led by 120 experienced ToT (Training of Trainers) facilitators, the trainings focused on best practice for election procedures before the snap parliamentary elections.

The training sessions covered all operational aspects of the pre-election period, including interaction with the local State Register of Voters (SRV), as well as best-practice procedures for election day itself. Participants engaged in interactive teaching sessions and group discussion on areas such as results tabulation and adjudication of complaints.

Given the complexity of the electoral legislation due to the current parallel electoral system in Ukraine, the IFES-CEC cascade training initiative was extended to lower-level Election Management Bodies (EMBs) ahead of the upcoming parliamentary elections. Between July 10 and July 17, 333 training sessions were conducted throughout Ukraine for up to 33,000 Precinct Election Commission (PEC) members. These trainings aimed to comprehensively address topics such as the legal background, voting procedures and their responsibility within the electoral process. In addition, special attention was dedicated to accessibility issues, including specific house voting procedures as well as how to register and treat voters with disabilities coming to vote at their polling stations.

To ensure that both DEC and PEC members have continued access to all the information they need, all commissions were provided with CEC-approved manuals on electoral procedures developed by IFES and the Training Center.

During the training sessions, the certified trainers used engaging, user-friendly presentations and a step-by-step video tutorial, copies of which were distributed to all trainees. The video gives an overview of all legislative novelties and procedures including a detailed, chapter-by-chapter review of each stage of the DECs’ responsibilities on election day, followed by a Q&A discussion addressing individual queries.

The sessions were concluded with a traditional mock-up of the results tabulation process, giving participAll training materials are fully available in electronic format on the Training Center Facebook page, as well as on the special OSCE-supported portal Vyborkom. The trainings were attended by OSCE, CANADEM and ENEMO international observers who provided very positive assessments of the cascade training initiative.

Beyond the parliamentary elections, IFES will continue to work with the CEC to ensure high standards, and proper implementation of electoral procedures during elections.ants an opportunity to put their knowledge into practice ahead of election day.