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International Youth Day: Monitoring political finance

“Young people often do not vote, saying that politicians do not defend their interests. For the most part, during elections, politicians do not value young people’s voices and devote their programs to other issues. Mutual alienation hurts everyone’s interests. Why do we not become honest and open with each other?”

Ihor Feschenko, 27, a leading political finance analyst at the Centre UA NGO based in Kyiv, Ukraine.

As part of Chesno’s team, Ihor is involved in monitoring political finance both during the election and between election periods. The results of Ihor’s research have been published in key Ukrainian news outlets, such as Ukrayinska Pravda, Novoe Vremia, Hromadske, and more.

Before the parliamentary elections in Ukraine on July 21, thanks to Ihor, thousands of Ukrainians were able to find out how much political parties spent on their election campaigns and how these campaigns were financed – an issue increasingly important to the Ukrainian public.

Centre UA is IFES’ subgrantee and national partner. The organization promotes progressive reforms, advocates transparency and accountability of the government, contributes to enhancing the quality of politics and fights for the freedom of speech. IFES supports initiatives such as Centre UA to enhance democratic governance, political accountability and youth participation in Ukraine.

IFES’ activities in Ukraine are made possible with funding from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Global Affairs Canada and UK aid. Since 1994, IFES has played a key role in the emergence of democratic electoral processes and institutions in Ukraine. Through this period, IFES has developed a reputation as a reliable source for impartial analysis and high-quality technical assistance in the fields of electoral and political finance law reform, election administration, civil society capacity building, civic education, and public opinion research.